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wpf programmer s reference windows presentation - wpf programmer s reference windows presentation foundation with c 2010 and net 4 rod stephens on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers build effective user interfaces with windows presentationfoundation windows presentation foundation wpf is included with thewindows operating system and provides a programming model forbuilding applications that provide a clear separation, microsoft visual studio wikipedia - visual studio includes a debugger that works both as a source level debugger and as a machine level debugger it works with both managed code as well as native code and can be used for debugging applications written in any language supported by visual studio in addition it can also attach to running processes monitor and debug those processes if source code for the running process is, mvvm survival guide for enterprise architectures in - mvvm survival guide for enterprise architectures in silverlight and wpf ryan vice muhammad shujaat siddiqi on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers if you re using silverlight and wpf then employing the mvvm pattern can make a powerful difference to your projects, dot net tricks ways of throwing an exception in c - handy tricks and tips to do your net code fast efficient and simple some common questions that comes into mind please check if you could find them listed or not, cheat sheet all cheat sheets in one page - all cheat sheets round ups quick reference cards quick reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page the only one you need, concept overide vs method hiding in terms dot net tricks - so here i just changed the reference type to animal from dog but it seems to have no effect on output it can still call it so override for virtual method determine its link at runtime based on actual object rather than the type it specifies, threading in c part 2 basic synchronization - instruction atomicity is a different although analogous concept an instruction is atomic if it executes indivisibly on the underlying processor see nonblocking synchronization nested locking a thread can repeatedly lock the same object in a nested reentrant fashion lock locker lock locker lock locker do something, microsoft windows net programming free computer - a collection of free microsoft windows net programming books asp net mvc succinctly nick harrison with this book you will learn how to use asp net mvc framework for building web apps and more including how to integrate your app with jquery and how to use mvc scaffolding to automatically generate the more tedious portions of your code, introducing net core net blog - at connect we announced that net core will be entirely released as open source software i also promised to follow up with more details on net core in this post i ll provide an overview of net core how we re going to release it how it relates to the net framework and what this means for cross platform and open source development, write data to an excel worksheet with c fast clear lines - 10 31 2010 4 41 40 am hi ivan thank you for the feedback you bring up some fair points yes you could do all the above using vba i would probably not write a c app to do just this but i was interested specifically in comparing how these approaches compared in c