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jacques tati french actor and director britannica com - jacques tati centre in mon oncle 1958 my uncle mr hulot continental distributing inc in his films tati forsakes traditional narrative in favour of vignettes that use sight gags timing mannerisms and physical action to reveal the humour and texture of modern living, jacques tati s playtime life affirming comedy film - jacques tati s playtime life affirming comedy david lynch is an enthusiast so is wes anderson jonathan romney plays tribute to jacques tati and to playtime his complex comedy about modern life, jaques tati mon oncle kitchen scene - jaques tati mon oncle 1958 the struggle of a simple man with a highly modern kitchen and a bouncing jug note i am fluent in both english and french although neither are my native tongue, history of film analyzing tati s playtime movie mezzanine - tati s paris is a linear geometric marvel boasting a layout intended to get all foot traffic from point a to point b without nasty traversing curves and arcs it s also soulless colorless lifeless and composed of so many means of division as to forestall any meaningful human contact, jacques tati biography imdb - the second world war military service and inherent strictures resulting from the german occupation put a temporary halt to his career then in 1946 through a friend the writer director claude autant lara jacques obtained a small role in the whimsical fantasy sylvie et le fant me 1946 about a girl odette joyeux in love with a ghost tati